It’s quite normal to label things as good or bad, as desirable or undesirable, etc. However, this can be very short-sighted and limited. Ultimately, what may be perceived as good or bad in one moment, may turn out to be entirely different later on. What seemed to be bad in one moment may be the greatest gift in another.

A story of a father and son with only one horse to pull the plough.
One day, the horse ran away.
The neighbours, hearing this news, sympathised, “How terrible” they said. “What bad luck”.
The wise farmer replied, “Who knows whether an event is bad luck or good luck”.
As it turned out, a week later, the horse returned from the mountains, leading five wild mares into the barn.
“What wonderful luck!” said the neighbours.
Again, the farmer said, “Good luck.. Bad luck.. Who knows?”.
A few days later, while trying to ride one of the wild horses, the son fell and broke his leg.
Now the neighbours were certain. “How terrible, what bad luck..”
The farmer only shrugged.
Only a week had passed when the army came to all the farms to take the young men off to war.
But the farmer’s son, still on crutches, was no use to them. So he was spared.
Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows…