Why Chose Ephemeral Energy?

An important key to a therapeutic relationship. Whilst I hope to inspire and encourage positive change, I’m very conscious of respecting your journey. This is particularly important when doing energy psychology work, so you can be confident you only go where you’re ready to go.

I strive to create the best possible environment for your growth and healing. Empathy is a corner-stone of that and relates very much to the client-driven ethos. This means non-judgement and putting myself in your shoes, not projecting my own thoughts and feelings onto you.

I take privacy and security seriously, and I aim to create an open space where you feel you can share, ask questions and be yourself. Trust is something that is built over time, and I strive to be as congruent as possible. If I believe I’m beyond my limits of ability, I say so and we can discuss options.

I am insured, hold professional memberships and engage in world-wide therapeutic communities. I practice ethically and safely, and do the best I can for clients in all aspects.

As health is so intricate and inter-connected, the aim of Ephemeral Energy is to provide a holistic service that considers the body, mind and energy, drawing on contemporary science and ancient wisdom.

Whilst I can’t make promises about therapeutic outcomes, I can promise that I genuinely care and always give a 100%!

What Clients Have Said