After focusing on other areas of my health and wellbeing for about 10 years, I returned to diet this year 🥑

Probably for the FIRST TIME in my life, my body entered ketosis!

Ketosis you might ask? What’s that?!

That’s essentially the body switching from sugar burning mode to fat burning mode 🔥

For people wishing to lose weight, they may seek ketosis for that reason alone. However, that wasn’t my reason at all. On the contrary, my aim is to gain healthy weight 💪

So, why on earth I have I done something to enter ketosis then?!

Well, it wasn’t actually planned. I didn’t know the word ketosis until a month ago. It’s been a natural part of a programme I’ve been immersed in for 8 weeks (at the time of writing/recording); a programme that’s leading to true food freedom. More on that in another video.

So, if I’m not in ketosis to loose weight, what is it then…

There’s a whole host of beneficial reasons this has occurred, and a few key points for me:

🔹 We’ve evolved to eat seasonally; to build fat and to break down fat in cycles
🔹 We’re meant to be able to derive energy from fat, but I have never seemed to do that
🔹 Fat stores toxins, so releasing that is a good reason in itself
🔹 Giving the pancreas a break

Video of this post on YouTube

And what’s ketosis been like then? Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

It’s been… a roller coaster of a journey over the last 3-4 weeks to be honest 🎢

The process of my body switching from sugar burning to fat burning for the first time came with a few challenging symptoms:

🔸 Serious energy crashes in the first 2 weeks
🔸 Sugar Monster bugging me 😈
🔸 Rash

The first two points are common when the body used to (just) burning sugar. It can take a little while for the switch to flick over to fat burning (for the first time), so naturally energy levels drop before the body finally gives in and decides to burn sugar again 🙄

But then!

The Sugar Monster went away and my energy levels increased! 🤩

Getting a rash.. Well, not unusual, but doesn’t seem to be common either. I’m doing this with a group of approx 100 people, and only seen a handful of other people mention getting a rash.

Apparently, a rash can happen for 3 reasons

🔘 Candida flaring up in a last uproar as they diminish
🔘 Athete’s foot for the same reason
🔘 Keto rash, which may be linked to toxins releasing

The keto rash doesn’t seem to be that well understood, though you’ll find some thoughts on it if you go to Mr Google 🔍

To me, the keto rash I got was just a nice sign that some deep healing started taking place!

Yes, it was a minor nuisance, but mainly because it started itching a bit. Some people might be unhappy to be seen with it, but, to me, a small price to pay. Rather a nice indication of some deep healing taking place!

The rash is on the way out and I’m also shifting out of ketosis. I’ve lost more weight than I would have liked to, but I’ve actually felt more energetic, stronger and healthier than before nevertheless 💪😁

So, the next phase for me is gaining healthy weight ❤️

Will share more about the programme and my experiences soon. Meanwhile, please hit me with any questions you’ve got!