Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology is an umbrella term for a number of treatment modalities that work directly with a person’s mind (thoughts and beliefs), emotions and energy. These are all interrelated and may be the underlying sources for behavioural and physical issues in the body.

While there is mystery around energy work, what we can say is that everything is energy and energy work is nothing new. To quote Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner:

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

Helping free you from the negative effects of trauma, emotions, thoughts or beliefs.

EFT is also commonly referred to as tapping, and has origins in Chinese Medicine (working with energy meridians and acupuncture points). As such, its origins are thousands of years old.

As the name implies, EFT works directly with emotions (e.g., shame, fear and anger). It does go wider than this, aiming to help free a person from the negative effects of trauma, emotions, thoughts or beliefs that can be causing a wide range of issues (e.g., fear, anxiety, PTSD and chronic pain).

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Helping transform your life through EFT and Quantum Physics.

Matrix Reimprinting uses EFT as part of a treatment. As such, the potential benefits are similar. However, Matrix Reimprinting further opens the door to personal transformation by working directly with changing negative and limiting beliefs.

Further, Matrix Reimprinting helps locate and address pre-conscious trauma and beliefs (often pre-6 years old), and allows clients to release traumatic experiences without being re-traumatised.

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Transforming limiting beliefs, stress and trauma.

PSYCH-K helps integrate the two hemispheres of the brain and works directly with the subconscious to change limiting beliefs to enhancing beliefs!

95-99% of our adult lives are run by our subconscious programs that have become automatic. These programs (beliefs) are primarily formed in the ages 0-6, when are brains waves operate in delta and theta waves (subconscious).

You are probably not aware of your limiting beliefs, but here’s a few examples of fairly common ones: I’m not smart enough; I have a bad memory; I don’t deserve love; Money is the root of all evil. Changing such beliefs to, e.g., “I am smart enough” or “I am lovable” is straightforward, safe and quick to do with PSYCH-K.

It is literally life-changing.

Alongside EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, PSYCH-K can also be used to transform stress and trauma.

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A non-invasive treatment modality for balancing and nourishing yourself energetically.

Reiki is often thought of as a hands-on healing technique. It is, but it is more than that. In addition to being a healing practice (for yourself or others), it’s also a spiritual practice and very much about personal development. Many people learn Reiki as part of their own self-care and healing, or to be able to support loved ones.

A Reiki treatment is usually very relaxing, leaving clients with reduced stress and a greater sense of wellbeing. It is also possible to change negative or limiting beliefs through Reiki as well (as noted above for Matrix Reimprinting), helping clients transform themselves for greater health and happiness.

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