Flowing With Life

This is a free, ongoing, initiative to help address underlying reasons for stress, allowing us to better flow with life and create more joy in our lives.

Please continue reading to see if this feels right for you 🙏

Why this Initiative?

It felt like 2020 tried to kick my ass with all the challenges brought about because of COVID-19 😱

Juggling work and homeschooling a 5 year old was a big enough challenge before we even get into other impacts of the pandemic (financial, emotional, social, etc). At the same time, I found myself needing to be more than I was before, to not only support myself and my son, but students, staff and clients all going through their own significant challenges.

I had to call on everything I’ve learnt for the past 15-20 years and used the situation as a catalyst for a lot of change and growth. Changes that meant less stress, greater health and enjoyment of life ❤️

Although we went into 2021 with a roll-out of vaccines, a lot of us suddenly found ourselves in another lockdown with more stress, anxiety and financial uncertainty.

So, that’s why I am offering this initiative. To help more people access my services, expertise and experience, to move through life (with or without COVID-19) feeling stronger, more resilient, adaptable and creating more joy 🌟

— Vegard, 16/01/2021

“Stress happens when the mind resists what is.”

Dan Millman

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

Sir Edmund Hillary

“Saying you don’t have time to improve your thoughts and your life is like saying you don’t have time to stop for gas because you’re too busy driving. Eventually, it will catch up with you.”

Robin Sharma

What Exactly is the Initiative?

This initiative consists of a monthly live call (via Zoom) + support and discussion via a Facebook group.

Each month has got a theme, such as dealing with change and uncertainty, connection and support, and resilience.

Each live call is interactive and practical, though there will be an element of teaching as well. However, one of the reasons for holding these calls monthly is to focus some time in-between to put things into practice. I don’t think anybody needs another program where you learn lots of interesting things without actually applying it and manifesting it in your life.

We primarily work with the subconscious mind and energy to shift patterns of thought and behaviour that may no longer serve us.

Live calls are on Thursdays 19:30 – 21:00 UK time (GMT/BST, depending on time of the year), at the end of each month.

The calls are recorded and shared in the Facebook group set up for this initiative, so even if you are unable to join live calls, you will still benefit from this initiative.

How to Join?

If this initiative resonates with you, I invite you to pop your name and email down in the form below to “sign up” 👍

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